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Switching Accountants Isn’t Actually That Hard, Why?

There are lots of reasons why you might want to switch accountants. Expensive, little communication, hard to get hold of, perhaps you feel they’re not being pro-active with your Tax position.

Whatever the reason, switching accountants is a very easy process. Once the new accountant has clearance from the old accountant (with the client’s acceptance), copies of all records are usually submitted electronically at ease.

Switching Accountants

How do I Switch Accountants?

If you’re in a position where you are thinking about switching accountants it may seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t know the processes that are involved. Switching is a lot simpler than you might think. The bulk of the work will be handled by us as your new accountants.

My accountants have my previous records

The first process in switching accountants is to obtain all previous correspondence, luckily all of this will be handled by us, we will discuss the formalities with your previous accountants and request the required records. This means that in most cases you do not even need to contact your previous accountant at all.

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    How do I transfer my records from HMRC?

    Just like obtaining records from accountants, switching authority with HMRC is another thing that we will take care of. The process involves us requesting authorisation codes from HMRC to be sent to the address that they hold for you. The codes can take a few weeks to arrive and once they do all you have to do is give us the code.

    Finding the right accountant

    • Range of services

    Edgemark accounting offers a wide range of services and can tailor a package to suit any size business. This could be from a small sole trader all the way up to a large VAT registered limited company with payroll, and anything in between. As standard practice we also offer free advice to all of clients, meaning we are always on hand to ease any uncertainties that you may have.

    • Fixed monthly fees

    Most accountants will charge a final invoice after completing work for your company which can leave you with a large bill. Some can even send you surprise fees for things you never thought would cost you. We operate with an easily spread out, fixed monthly direct debit. All the services that you need will be included in your customised plan and clearly outlined with a letter of engagement.

    • Cloud Solutions

    Storing and using physical data is a hassle. HMRC states that company records should be kept for 7 years and that much paperwork takes up space and can be very time consuming to email or fax over you your accountant. Edgemark has launched a new app specifically for our clients, it works using a cloud based system meaning your data is safe and secure, once more sending your records over to us can be a matter of taking a photo on your phone using the app and it will appear instantly on our system. This is an optional free service we offer to all our clients.

    • Qualified Personnel

    The staff at Edgemark Accounting come from a variety of backgrounds which means no matter what your question or need there will always be someone who is not only fully AAT/ACCA qualified but also someone who has hands on experience with companies of all sizes and trades. We pride ourselves on our ability to form professional but friendly relationships with all our clients. If you would like more information about our services or what we can offer you, please get in touch by calling 0330 445 5677 or send an email to accounts@edgemark.co.uk .

    • Full Package

    Your dedicated accountant within Edgemark Accounting will be more than capable in dealing with:

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