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Are you a subcontractor? We can assist you.

We Are Always Here to Help

If you are a Subcontractor and you are in need of an accountant, please don’t wait on contacting us. Save yourself the stress and any chance of missing expenses out, please let us do the work while you are working away. As we say, that’s our job and you can be doing your job whilst we’re working on behalf of you. Contact us with any queries that you may have, we are more than happy to answer and give explanations.

We as a company provide a variety of services that we can help all Subcontractors with. As your accountant, we promise to do everything we can for you to the best of our ability. We are tried and tested and do have a great speciality within the Construction Industry which may draw you in. We work with Subcontractors on a day to day basis, so have plenty of experience within the field.

When we file Tax Returns for Subcontractors, we work out whether the CIS deductions made have been correct. If not, and this has been an overpayment, we can guarantee this will come back to you. We ask for all expenses and give you a list of which ones to make a note of and inform us of. In fact, we also put in for relief on your accountancy fees which makes our fees lower than they originally would have been. Just get in touch if our services interest you as we will happily speak with you and answer any questions you may have.


How We Will Help You Here At Edgemark

Filing Your SA Tax Return

This can be done by a member of our team on behalf of yourself. It is not an upfront fee, but is at a great price and we can promise to claim every single expense for you.

CIS Registration

Another great thing that we can do for you… immediately from being given a UTR number you will be put on 30% emergency tax. With our help we can get you back down to 20% as soon as possible.

Giving You Peace Of Mind

If you are a worrier, don’t continue doing so. In our hands, we promise to keep you safe and handle your affairs accurately.

Consistently Conversing With You

If you have anything at all you need to discuss in regards to Subcontractor Accounting, we can talk whenever you acquire, via telephone or email.

Contact Us

Interested to find out more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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