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Personal Tax

To assist you with your personal tax affairs.

We Are Always Here to Help

Here at Edgemark, we will assist you with your personal tax affairs that are tailored to your personal circumstances. Personal Tax links in with your Income Tax and Personal Allowance. These are all imposed on each individual by HMRC and if something goes wrong we will sort this out with HMRC and yourself. Any queries… get in touch!

The current Personal Allowance for the Tax Year 2018/19 is stood at £11,850. This will rise to £12,500 as of April 6th 2019. Some of your Personal Allowances may be more or less than these values, however we can investigate into this at Edgemark and try and get a reason why it is different. If there is no reason at all, we can get it back to normal for you.

There are 3 different bands of Income Tax. These are: Basic Rate, Higher Rate and Additional Rate. These bands allocate the percentage of tax in which you pay. They all depend on your Taxable Income. It is possible to be in the incorrect Tax Band for your personal salary. This is fixable by us here at Edgemark. 

If you happen to have any queries whatsoever to do with Personal Tax and need your accounts sorting, an accountant from our team will be more than happy to hear from you. Drop us an email or give us a call as we are always happy for a conversation with current, new or future clients.


Personal tax

How We Will Help You Here At Edgemark

Checking Your Tax Code

The team at Edgemark can check over your Tax Code to check you are on the correct one. If you are not, we can act on your behalf with HMRC, discuss why and see what action needs to be taken from this.

Claiming Your Refund

If you have been on an incorrect tax code (or an emergency tax code) we as accountants will be able to claim this back for you along with anything else that needs to be claimed.

Acting On Your Behalf

If you are thinking that you need to speak to HMRC consistently whilst we are acting on your behalf, forget it because you don’t. As your accountant, we will do absolutely everything for you.

We Work Quickly And Sufficiently

As a team, we get every account done as quickly as we can to please our clients. Whilst doing so, everything we do is with high sufficiency and at an excellent standard.

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