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Corporate Tax

To assist you with your company’s tax affairs.

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Corporate Tax must be paid in specific circumstances. For example, you will need to pay this if you have a limited company or are a company that are based outside of the UK but have a UK branch. If these apply to you and you need any assistance in doing so, or feel like there is too much of this being paid, contact us immediately.

A Corporation Tax bill is to be paid 9 months and 1 day after the end of your Accounting Period. It has to be done every year or penalties will be experienced within the Company. Deadlines can be extended for certain reasons, if you have any reason for this give us a call and we will be able to act with the HMRC on your behalf.

As of the penalties, you can be given such just for filing the Tax Return later than you should. If you hire us as your Accountant we can ensure everything is done on time and to the greatest standards possible.

If you happen to come up with an enquiry, want a general conversation or perhaps need an Accountant… get in touch as soon as possible.



Corporate tax

How We Will Help You Here At Edgemark

Working For Your Company

The Accountant that will be allocated to your Company will do everything you need financially and be in touch consistently with yourselves.

Filing Your Corporation Tax Return

Another great thing our Accountants can do for you, it has to be done every year with the HMRC, but don’t worry because we will handle every step of the process for you.

Knowing What Your Accounting Period Is

If you’re wondering about your Company’s Accounting Period, we will get it checked over with the HMRC, they are generally 12 months, unless it is different for certain reasons.

Checking Your Liability

As a Company, there are two scenarios… how much Corporation Tax is to be paid, and how much you are owed. Our professionals will work this out when filing your Tax Return. 

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