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Are you a contractor? We can assist you.

We Are Always Here to Help

If you are a Contractor and you are in need of an accountant, please don’t wait on contacting us. Save yourself the stress and any chance of missing expenses out, please let us do the work while you are working away. As we say, that’s our job and you can be doing your job whilst we’re working on behalf of you.

We as a company provide a variety of services that we can help all Contractors with. As your accountant, we promise to do everything we can for you to the best of our ability. We are tried and tested and do have many great specialities within a variety of industries. We work with Contractors like yourself daily, so we have a whole load of experience within the field.

If there is anything that you would like to discuss about our Contractor Accounting Services or wish to make a general enquiry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our professional team here at Edgemark Accounting.


How We Will Help You Here At Edgemark

Your Self-Assessment Tax Return

This is vital for all contractors every year. We ask you in a set way to keep a record of your expenses in our Cashbooks and everything else is on our hands.

Claiming Absolutely Everything

As professionals, we are knowledgeable of all expenses that can be claimed for. We even claim for relief on your Accountancy Fees – which by the way are at great value as they are.

Deadline Meeting

As we would be working on your behalf, as long as you cooperate as we do, we will get everything done on time to prevent you from getting any penalties for filing anything late.

Checking Previous Tax Returns

If you have previously had an Accountant, we can also check your previous Tax Returns to see if any expenses were missed.

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