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We Are Always Here to Help With Your Accounting:

Basically, this is the overall term of the services that Edgemark provide. As a team, we will be allocated specific clients and be your own accountant. We work to investigate into your finances and can measure and process your financial information. It isn’t a free service and there is a page on our website that entails our fees. If you need an accountant, we are more than happy to work for you and help with whatever financial assistance you may need.

We can guarantee you that we can inform you on any queries you may come to us with here at Edgemark. As a bunch, we are extremely knowledgeable on the topic and have a whole load of experience in our general Accounting Service. 

No matter whether you fall under being a Sole Trader, having a Limited Company or belonging to a Partnership, we can supply the vital services you acquire with your yearly Accounts.

We can help you in the way you request. You can choose your preferred method of contact for us to converse with you. You can choose how often we contact you. Our team here at Edgemark will understand you and assist you in the way you prefer.

Why not give us a call or drop our Admin team an email? We promise we will respond to you as soon as we possibly can.


How We Will Help You Here At Edgemark

Allocating Clients To Ourselves

Each Accountant here at Edgemark have a list of set clients. This means that they will be your own Personal Accountant as they will be the only one that you need to contact, making the whole process easier and ensuring you can always converse with them.


We can take care of the occupation of keeping your financial affairs here at Edgemark, taking any stress away from you and doing our job to the highest of standards.

Meeting Clients’ Expectations

Each client has been overly thrilled with our services here at Edgemark for various reasons. We promise to work thoroughly to ensure you are happy with our services.

We Give You Great Value

Some clients of ours actually double check our prices as they expect them to be a lot higher. We are not an extortionate company and we promise to give you the very best of services for the very best of values.

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